Senior Bank Managers Fired For Aiding Cash Heist Of Kshs 5.2 Million From A Dead Man's Account


Senior Bank Managers have been terminated for supposedly abetting a cash heist of Kshs 5.2 million from a dead man account between April and May 2019.

Absa bank Kenya in that period got 20 checks purportedly endorsed by Surgeon Wilson Muchiri.

Dr. Muchiri who held a joint account with his wife kicked died in 2017 after a short sickness. Dr. Muchiri possessed an ear, nose, and throat clinic in Hurlingham, Nairobi. He was additionally a consultant at Gertrude's Hospital. Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology had additionally utilized him as a part-time lecturer.

Fraudsters penetrated the dead surgeon's account with help from senior bank managers who approved all payments from the dead man account.

The cash heist continued for a month before a warning was raised.

An informant informed the Absa bank of the plan by fraudsters abetted by ranking directors which provoked them to take care of business.

High Court judge Nioki wa Makau last Wednesday maintained the decision to sack Douglas Wanjohi and Joseph Wanyeji, the ranking directors terminated because they participated in the illegal activity.

The two had documented a legal dispute challenging their firing requesting a severance package of kes9.4 million.

As indicated by Nation, Wanjohi approved Kes4.775 million from Dr. Muchiri's account. Then again, Wanyeji authorized kes455,000 which made the bank dismiss them.

Wanjohi wanted Absa bank to remunerate him kes2. Million while Wanyeji required kes6.7 million for unlawful termination.

Judge Makau discovered the evidence presented under the watchful eye of the court adequately satisfying to permit their dismissal from their positions.

After an informant informed the bank regarding the cash heist, they initiated investigations which set up that 20 checks endorsed by the dead Dr. Muchiri had been submitted to the bank for different payments.

Wanjohi endorsed five checks while Wanyeji approved one. This is against Absa bank policy which requires everybody in the approval chain to do legitimate due diligence of any check submitted.

Three of the checks which uncovered the cash heist had been flagged due to a forthcoming application by the surgeon’s widow, Patricia Macharia, for another checkbook according to the joint bank account.

Wanjohi and Wanyeji were additionally blasted for neglecting to review the 17 cheques that saw a further payment of kes18.5 million from the late Dr. Muchiri's account after the three were flagged.

Wanyeji admitted during a disciplinary hearing that he had handled one cheque that was not registered in the Absa bank system.

The bank ultimately settled that the two empowered fraudsters illicitly get checks from the deceased man's account.

The bank proceeded to terminate their employment.