Illegal foreigners are criminals and must be arrested, Mnangagwa said

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Dr Phophi Ramathuba remains by her expression and we are completely behind her beacuse she's 100 percent right, outsiders are a weight to South Africa medical services. She have left South Africans separated. Individuals thought she started a discussion that will drive the Zimbabweans government to act and the South African government to do mass Deportation of unlawful Migrants

"South Africans are delicate consequently Zimbabwean will continue to overstep their regulations. Unlawful outsiders are hoodlums and should be captured, Mnangagwa said

Zimbabwe's ZANU PF set out on a mission that guarantees that far off nationals don't work organizations in the Economic sub-areas held for Zimbabwean residents through a strategy of Indigenisation. Mnangagwa is a man of bias. He was liable for the killing of 20 000 Ndebeles in light of the fact that Mugabe accepted that there were Zulus, they should return to Kwazulu. He is so severe towards his rivals. He have been tormenting adversaries.

I rehash that the main man who should be accused is this Edmnangagwa. I have no regard for a his man individuals to endure while he is suffocating in extravagance.

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