VIDEO: Massive Reactions As Lady Unknowingly Shows The 'Bush' Under Her Armpit

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Personal hygiene is extremely important in everyone's life, but especially in women's lives. Bad odour, itching skin, and various infections are all common symptoms of bushy hair. As a result, everyone should practice personal hygiene by regularly shaving their pubic hair.

But the lady in your picture seems not to practice personal hygiene as she was captured with huge bushy hair under her armpit. This lady recorded herself making a funny video on social media but people's attention rather went on her bushy armpit when she raised her hands.

This propelled some social media users to ask whether she is not aware that her armpit is unhygienic and that a beautiful lady like her should have those hair removed before making the video. Some Ghanaians also said that if this is the hair on her armpit then the hair on her 'vijay' cannot be discussed. It might be longer than the hair on her head.

Check out some of the reactions from some Ghanaians who came across this video:


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