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People of color didn't come here to play, and DJ Lamiez is verification of that! Lamiez Holworthy is a well known South African Dj. Be that as it may, she additionally turns out to be a moderator. Before she spread her wings into the plate jockey industry Lamiez was a moderator. She is most popular for her exhibitions on Mzansi's most-watched music show, Live Amp. 

The show manages the music business however is basically known for their fire exhibitions by various craftsmen that they welcome week in week out. For Lamiez to be a piece of such an extraordinary and open creation opened numerous entryways for her. 

Having had a fruitful sudden spike in demand for the show for a couple of good years, she concluded the time had come to develop. That is the point at which she moved to the djing field. Since she was a young lady, she has been fixated on music and making individuals dance. Her moving onto being a Dj was a basic change. She is an extraordinary Dj, and her sets are altogether unbelievable. 

Her fashion sense is unbelievable 

Something else that individuals love about Lamiez is her style sense. She doesn't dress like a run of the mill big name or anybody that has cash. All things being equal, she remains consistent with herself. Her style is amazing and faultless. 

She is on the exemplary side yet additionally very kasi. She figures out how to bring tasteful and kasi across the board looks and makes it look astonishing. Lamiez is one of the most delightful Dj's this nation has at any point had, all around. 

Lamiez is hitched to the renowned Khuli Chana 

Shockingly, you may have everything, and for certain individuals, it will just never be sufficient. Lamiez needs to manage numerous media savages, unequivocally on the grounds that they think her body is "sufficient", yet she never lets any of that get to her, and she generally defends herself. 

She likewise uncovered that she could wear constantly what she needs since savages feel she isn't adequate or something doesn't look great on her body. 

Lamiez is the spouse of Khuli Chana, the renowned rapper. The two are a perfect pair. She as of late made her youth dreams materialize when she got herself a V-Class!

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