After Taking the Covid-19 Vaccine, I didn't See This Coming - Popular Jornalist Gives Account

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After a long wait, Ghana has finally received its first tranche of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Some high profile personalities such as the President and the wife, and some workers considered to be front liners have already taken their shots.

Popular Citi FM journalist by the name Jessica Opare-Saforo, popularly known as Jessica OS has taken to her Youtube channel to give an account on what she experienced before, during and after taking the shot.

According to her, after she had taken the jab, lots of friends and family members reached out to her enquiring how the experience was like. They did that to be abreast with the side effects of the vaccine so as to be better prepared and privy to what to expect.

She believes that this account will help others to make informed decisions as far as taking the Covid-19 vaccine is concerned.

She took the jab four days ago together with some colleague journalists. When she got to the venue, she waited in line for four solid hours before it got to her turn, because only one nurse was administering the vaccination. Since that was the only reason for which she was at the place, she waited patiently until it got to her turn.

Before she took the shot, she was made to provide some personal details which was used to generate a Covid-19 vaccination card for her.

After she was done taking the shot, she went back to work. After work, she went home and she was seemingly fine.

However, the next morning, it was very difficult for her to go to work. She felt as if a tonne of bricks had been deposited in her. She experienced sharp and short headaches. Sometimes the headaches were mild.

She also had fatigue, muscle pain, dizziness, and the arm that received the injection was very hurting.

Her boss later called on the phone to enquire what was happening to her. Apparently, the boss had also taken the shot. After sometime, she was able to drive to work, parked her car at the lorry park and slept in it for a while.

That day, she got back home at 6pm, went to bed at 7pm and woke up the next day(third day) at 8am. "I needed that rest", she disclosed. On the third day, the fatigue, dizziness, and headaches subsided, but the arm that took the injection still did hurt as the place had turned into a sore.

"I really didn't see this coming", Jessica made it known.

Some fans reacted to the revelation by saying that they were not going to take the vaccine. Others also shared their experience after taking the jab. Others yet gave her words of encouragement and wished her well. Below are some reactions by some of her fans:

Are you taking the vaccine? If yes, are you psyched well enough to cope with any supposed aftermath? Please drop your comments.


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