Jumwa, Ruto Dance In Kirinyaga Church After BBI Collapse


Aisha Jumwa has led a Kirinyaga church in song and dance after the collapse of BBI at the Court of appeal. The leaders stood together all to support and thank God almighty given the BBI collapse and death at the court of appeal.

The leaders were seen dancing heavily a pointer of celebration after the court of appeal ruling. Jumwa led with the song in church thanking God almighty for ensuring BBI report collapsed dead vindicating them.

According to Aisha Jumwa, the will of God was done hence they can only celebrate and thank him very much for he has ensured they achieve prosperity. Jumwa has affirmed that even moving into the future BBI will not get to anywhere moving forward as already it has collapsed in two lower courts.

The fact of the matter is that as we move into the future BBI seems to have collapsed with a thunder and the only thing Tangatanga camp can do is just but celebrate. Remember we live in interesting times where as things stand Raila and Uhuru have found themselves in a unchartered waters ahead of 2022.

See the video evidence;https://youtu.be/1tPyEyskQVw

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