I blew it, Madala the first guy who chowed 17.4 million

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Friday night's episode of I Blew followed the story a man energetically known as Madala. Madala experienced adolescence in destitution and didn't have a considerable amount of guidance after he left due to walking stretched out timeframes to get to the school. He moved from White River to Nelspruit and thereafter Cosmo City where he was working in material and painting.

He was an impassioned lottery player by then and played for quite a while before he cooked an intriguing ticket, a R17.4 million ticket. Madala's family in a little while showed him out after his compensations since they feared assasination.

How might you kick out a head honcho?

Madala didn't lounge around inactively. He bought a task force of vehicles which joined a Range Rover, a Jaguar, a Gti, trucks and two Ivecos. He then, bought three houses in the suburbs that he used to utilize out to student tenants, and here the trouble began.

Madala inexplicably decided to turn into a nearby acquaintence with his much more young tenants, getting them alcohol and articles of clothing. Madala and his new amigos decided to continue with the presence they by and large yearned for. He liked their discussion since they made him feel young. The inhabitants would bring young female students from University homes who could connect with them. In the end there would be 30 young women in the house with only 12 men.

Madala depicts how the youngsters might have managed without him and were exclusively after his money. He says that he would get them phones that cost R10000 from that point, anything is possible. He similarly says he had different darlings. In one night Madala would spend up to R50000 consistently.

He then, at that point, transformed into a target for people who could hold onto him and a short time later take his cards to take out cash. Madala then settled on a decision to squander the money before law breakers took it from him. He squandered the money in two years.

Madala unlike other I blew it cases really has assets. He has 4 vehicles that he won't sell and he has property that he uses to let to tenants. Perhaps that is more to do with the way that sound won R17 million not at all like various cases who get around R2 million or less from RAF.

He laments literally nothing regardless of everything acknowledges that money is to be spent. He drinks customary and is somewhat satisfied despite at this point needing to be rich again. He sold a Golf 5 for R15000 and a while later squandered the money in 3 days.


Yet again perhaps he will win.

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