Lawyer Nelson Havi Speaks on Latest Opinion Polls By Intel Research Solutions

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Lawyer Nelson Havi who currently happens to be MP aspirant eyeing for Westlands Constituency parliamentary seat with UDA party ticket has now thrown his views on the fresh poll released by the Intel showing Ruto would beat Raila if elections were held today.

According to Havi who also used to be Raila's lawyer back in the days, the poll by Intel is much okay as it is not far from coming into reality.

The poll shows that DP Ruto is currently leading 49.9 per cent followed by his top political competitor Raila Odinga who has 42.5 per cent.

And according to Havi who has even gone ahead to make unexpected projection on that poll in support of his current political master DP Ruto, he is convinced that Ruto will get more votes percentage than what Intel is showing.

And that means that Ruto will get a total of 60 per cent, leaving Raila, Wajackoyah Mwaure and the undecided with the remaining 40 per cent.

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