The APC, not me, will choose the next president. —Buhari


President Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) has stated that the All Progressives Congress, not he, will determine who would follow him as president.

During an exclusive interview with Arise TV on Thursday, he revealed this while fielding questions from journalists.

“All this administration can do in terms of succession is ensuring that APC lasts beyond this government,” the President said.

“We've begun registering people at all levels, from the ward to the local government and all the way up to the state level. That way, the APC will know how many members it has in each state and local government, ensuring that the party's legacy lives on after this administration leaves office. He claims, "And that is the greatest route to go for the party and the country."

He also denied claims that joining the APC automatically freed corrupt leaders of any ongoing charges or investigations, arguing that those who believe this are not being honest with his administration.

Buhari reaffirmed that the APC will be the sole deciding element in zoning and succession planning.

“Shouldn't we let the party decide? I just told you that we started at the bottom and worked our way up?”

I instructed the acting chairman and a committee to submit a report on the convention they would hold by the end of the month, and then to schedule general elections until 2023. “Every single election.” And we started from the ground up to ensure that all members of the party are involved in decision-making.

“No one is going to just sit in Lagos and tell them what they should do. This is exactly what we're planning.

“The party determines the succession plan. The party will meet and make a decision based on the seats obtained.

“Those who aspire to be president should join the APC,” says the president.