KPA Reshuffles Board After Being Exposed Of Paying 17M To Supporters To Cheer Bandari FC Game

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Former managing director for Kenya Port Authority (KPA), Engineer Rashid Salim announced his retirement today. Salim decided to proceed into retirement after serving as in parastatals for over 30 years.

In immediate effect, the KPA board appointed Ambassador John Mwangemi as the new managing director for KPA. Before the appointment, Ambassador Mwangemi served in Djibouti and Rwanda.

Outgoing managing director, Rashid Salim served from 28 March last year up to date. Before his retirement, Salim found himself after KPA accused of paying its staff 17M to cheer Bandari FC.

Bandari FC is sponsored by KPA in Kenya Premier League (KPL), media outlets exposed the dirty story of KPA to Bandari FC.

Mwangemi appointment as new boss was made today after the board met in an emergency meeting. Rashid Salim worked as a Marine engineer for 38 explained that his time to retire had come.

The details concerning the appointment of Ambassador John Mwangemi is yet to be made public; however, they will be released soon.

What do you think of Mwangemi's appointment in KPA? Do you believe it is time to retire or there is something hidden to the public? Please share your opinions in the comments section below.

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