A Limousine For A Funeral Hearse, See The Photos And The Reactions The Netizens Caused


Many cultures have different traditions when it comes to burying a loved one. Some like the Hindu cremate their passed loved ones other burry them but all have the same way to send a proper send off. To my fans and the rest, get your latest update, gossip and trend, am sorry for being antisocial for a while please kindly hit the follow button in the right hand corner and please don't you forget to leave your opinion on the comment section below. Also like and share.

So people rent hearse for the body of their lost loved one can be taken to his or her final resting place. Some like the Hindu and Muslim carry the body but as per the christians, they rent a hearse.

There are many different kinds of hearses but there is one which took to cherry top. A limousine for a hearse, can you believe that. TUKO news shaded some light about a funeral parlour based in Eldoret just got their hands on one. The Delight Funeral Directors unveiled as it's only kind in the whole nation. A maroon Range Rover limousine with falcon doors similar to the ones in the Tesla Model x.

During it's unveilment on May 17, Preacher were called to bless the vehicle.

TUKO news reported that it was originally a 2018 Range Rover Evoque with its both elongated to form a limo.

It's photo was posted on Facebook and it caused reactions from the netizens. Below is the photos of the vehicle and the reactions it caused.

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