“GES is not fit for purpose”; Professor Kwaku Azar and Kofi Bentil react to the infamous text books.


The outspoken law professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare popularly known as Kwaku Azar, has expressed his candid opinion about the public outrage of “bigoted” text books that portray weird lifestyle of Ewes.

According to Professor Kwaku Azar, Ghanaians have failed to dissect the criteria Ghana Education Service (GES) uses to adopt a text book for pupils. 

He believes that the traditional way of assessing and adopting books for pupils by GES needs to be reformed and modified to avoid further distasteful content in our educational system. 

He proposes a multiple review checkpoints which entails Essential Knowledge and Skills (EKS), interest to bid, publishers submit samples, review panel, public comment and adoption votes. 

“The process starts with periodic review of the essential knowledge and skills (EKS) needed for each stage of basic education. This will be reviewed every 5 or so years, with the review followed by a public invitation to publishers to submit bids to publish textbooks that respond to the new EKS.

Review panels will comprise of subject-matter experts and editors to catch factual errors and other editorial mess.”, he said. 

However, the Vice President of IMANI Ghana, Kofi Bentil, replied Prof Kwaku Azar's post by stating that 

“GES is not fit for purpose.” 

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