Redsan Addresses Claims about "Kukaliwa Chapati."

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Redsan is a popular Kenyan reggae and Ragga artist. He has done music for more than two decades and well, despite being on the lime light for all that time very little is known about his personal life. His posts on his social media accounts are for his works and nothing else.

During an interview in Radio Maisha, with host Mwende and Clemmo on Konnect party show he was asked about his wife controlling him and this what he had to say,

"You have to respect your wife,you have to respect women, you have to respect their decisions kama vile una respect Mum respect your woman the same."

He also added that:

"Mtu akisema unakaliwa na bibi yako sema kabisa tena mara tatu...kuna ubaya gani? We unataka niondokewe ama wewe unataka nikaliwe na nani? Be proud of your marriage."

Redsan also revealed to his fans that he has four kids,two girls and two boys. He also added that he inherited his talent from his Uncle.

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