"Over Seven Lives Lost in Ndakaini Dam Within a Month," Residents Cry After a Lady Slides And Drowns


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Residents Of Maguguini, Murang'a County are still in disbelief after a middle-aged lady reportedly drowned to death at the famously Ndakaini dam.

According to Kameme Tv, the lady well known to many as Mama Beth took a jerry can and went in search of clean water at the dam.

However, she never returned home and all means to loom for her led the family to the dam.

This was when the family discovered that she had slid into the water and sadly drowning to death.

Residents talking to the media said, barely two days ago, water officials disconnect water from several homes in the area, this led to locals touring the said dam to access drinks water

Currently, seven lives have reportedly been lost in the said dam that distributes water to Nairobi residents.

The irate residents have called for the relevant authorities to give them back the water or else they will be taking it to the streets on Friday.

Many who spoke to kameme tv, questioned why the officials decided to destroy water pipes leading to their homes.

"Kwani sisi sip wakenya kame wale wengine hii Maji ina toka kwetu hata sisi tupewe kidogo, said an angry resident.

Murang'a residents have been complaining over the lack of water in the county with the largest dam in the country being located in the area.

Many have cried out to the government to at least intervene to avoid such incidents where lives have been lost when locals were trying to fetch water.

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