Ground Has Changed In The Mountain, Today It's Baba and Martha, Makau Mutua

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Central Kenya region has been the focus for political heat with the Kenya Kwanza Alliance and Azimio La Umoja battling it out in what has been considered a swing-votes region.

Martha Karua and Rigathi Gachagua are the 'bait' for Raila and Ruto respectively to try and earn support from one of the regions with the highest voter turnout.

Popular lawyer Makau Mutua has come out to clear doubts about Raila's influence in the Mt Kenya region. In his statement, he claims that the residents of central Kenya have shifted their support from Ruto-Rigathi to Azimio's Raila-Martha.

Photo: Makau Mutua (Google)

"The ground in the mountain has shifted completely, where before it was Ruto, today it's Baba and Martha. I saw this coming. Mountains are slippery, but none more than Mt Kenya. Polls show Mr Odinga gaining incredible mileage in the mountain. Mr Gachagua puts his foot on the mouth every time he opens it," Mutua said.Mutua's remarks come hours after Rigathi Gachagua dismissed claims that Raila was gaining ground in Central Kenya. He claimed that Raila's influence in the mountain barely makes it to 20 percent and that Kenya Kwanza will win the election with more than 60 percent.Its a battle of words and opinion aiming and disapproving or supporting statistics from recent opinion polls.

Who's right? The opinion polls, Azimio politicians or the Kenya Kwanza politicians?

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