Reactions as Mzansi Curious After Boity Thulo Tweeted This Post

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As Boity Thulo revealed on social media, the process of buying a new house began off exhilarating but rapidly got tiresome.

The rapper and businesswoman, who has an addiction, intimated that she would be relocating or buying another house. Her fans agreed that buying a new home is not simple.

Boity was very active on social media before the attack, but now she appears to prefer spending time with her "bestie" Anton Jeftha.

The pair went on safari to spend some romantic time together away from the city. The pair rang in the new year at Mhondoro Safari Lodge, with SABC3's The Insider joining them.

Boity and Anton began as friends, but their love blossomed swiftly and they soon became lovers. Their "friendship" is based on their common sense of humour and music choices.

Boity's desire to relax over hustling was intriguing. She says she no longer wants to overwork herself and wants to rest. Boity said she will look at other methods to make money, such Amapiano music and the cryptocurrency industry that people are interested in.

Concerning Amapiano, she failed to impress on her debut Yanos song. The "I don't give a f**k" threw folks since that is not Amapiano. Many others believed the music was disappointing and lacked something. The song features Daliwonga and Felo Le Tee.

Despite the backlash, Boity stated she will not back down "I'm here to have fun! And grant my every want! Don't worry!"

People warned her she couldn't take up all the space. Trolls said "Then a sneaker, watch out! Cut! She's following!" Also, "Give others a chance. Amapiano, you're everywhere now with rapping, drinking, and hair."

We wish Boity further success and wealth!

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