How long should sex really last see what causes a person to last for few minutes

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When it comes to sex everyone seems to have their own preferences which may be perfect for some.

Lasting 3minutes in bed warrants clinical concerns. Lasting 3-7minutes is adequate lasting 7-13minutes it is desirable and lasting 13-30minutes is too long.

If intercourse is the only component in your definition of sex then it will last for few minutes

According to American research desirable sex should last for over 7minutes to 13 minutes these figures only apply to vaginal sex

Ever wondered why your partner nolonger last longer as you grow older?well there are so many things that influence that.

As you grow older you may find that it now takes more time for you to get aroused and your private parts as a women may quickly dry up.

Erections becomes so difficult to maintain

And as you grow old the level and power you had of doing sex decreases you may find out you nolonger last in bed like before

however these symptoms are completely normal.

Researches also indicates that women requires more time than men to reach the climax.


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