Principle Thobakgake Left In Pain After This Happened To Alfred Magongwa See What Happened

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At present Alfred Magongwa is in medical clinic and he is visually impaired, and he faults head Thobakgale in light of the fact that he thinks she is answerable for what befallen her, recollect Alfred Magongwa wouldn't go to go to English class since Evelyn isn't coming to school,and head Thobakgale request that he proceed to join in or, in all likelihood she will make moves to him.


So Alfred Magongwa chose to go as head Thobakgale told him and tragically he fell into the snare, that grade students accomplished for head Thobakgale, since she guaranteed them that she will be answerable for Evelyn classes since she is missing.

Mahlatse knows reality with regards to what befell his dad, however he is stunned to tell everybody since Paxton Kgomo undermines him, they are apprehensive due to what befallen Moshobjiadi,so he will lier to his dad in view of dread, yet ultimately reality will become obvious.

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