Mzansi:Drip Footwear Suprised Staff Worker With A Car

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She came to work at Drip as a Receptionist, we almost didn't take her because she was too over qualified and we thought we would waste her time.

She insisted that she would grow with us. What a team player. Today she's a Big Boss. You deserve this and Congratulations,enjoy it.🙏🏿

it is very good that you sometimes you have to surprise your workers with presents because they are the one who are responsible for growing your own company on your behalf.

This will make them to work more harder because they know that the boss will be happy and he will increase there salary.

Below the comment made by public regarding this matter please also comment what you think should be done.

Does she have equity? That would be a real boss move IMO...Maybe it's because I'm not a care fan.

Being uncomfortable with such conversations says a lot about you, not me!...I'm pretty sure @LekauSehoana has no problem with such conversations, and in case you missed it, I was replying to him, NOT YOU.

You all need to learn to read and comprehend before typing, it's a critical skill...Stop trying so hard to be liked, that man doesn't need to be defended by you...My comment was not telling him what to do, it was a question...FYI I own my business.


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