Covid-19 vaccine, school teachers get a shot in the arm

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School teachers lined up for their vaccination jab. But day one of the vaccine rollout for the education department was not without some glitches. eNCA's reporter Heidi Giokos has more#eNCA

One vaccination site in Gauteng had no doses and another site had no water. Teachers say this day could have not come sooner.

They say they knkwnit was supposed to be done earlier but they are happy that it is done. And more especially they are workimg with kids and some of them they do not like wearimg masks.

And the vaccination team says that they have been given two weeks to conclude the vaccination task. And they have been encouraging teachers to avail themselves so this task can be concluded in time.

And in Gauteng they do not want any extensions that is why it is important to vaccinate everything teacher and supporting staff.

And the minister of education also states that they do not want to disrupt school a d when they close on the eighth the vaccination of teachers must also be done. eNCA's reporter Heidi Giokos filed this report Courtesy of #Dstv403

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