6 Signs he is only after your body.


As a woman. Sometimes you begin to wonder what the signs that a man only wants nothing but your body, so I will be talking about it here. As a woman, your body should be your first priority. It is also advisable that no matter how much you love a man, you should never use your body to get a man. A man who loves you will not just be attracted to your body, but everything about you.

6 signs he is only after your body.

1. He always hangs out with you at night.

As a woman, this is very important and a way he wants to have intimacy with you. You begin to notice he only wants you both to go to a night party, not just that but a night party that is far from home. So you can consider spending the night with him. So if your partner always invites you to night parties and doesn't get to spend quality time with you during the day, then you should be more concerned. 

2. He always talks about making love with you.

A man who is always talking or bringing up the topic of love-making anytime you're both having a great time together, and when it seems like you're not paying attention. He gets angry. But when you do, he becomes happy. Such types of men must be up to something.

3. He always invites you to his house.

This is the third on the list, and it is important for you to understand that men feel more comfortable at home than outside their home. So when he is always regularly asking you to visit him, and when you do, he begins to touch you, then, this is another sign he wants something from you.

4. He doesn't plan his future with you.

This is the most important of them all, a man who is after only your body. So he won't even bother planning his future with you, this is because he doesn't see you in his future. Let alone taking you to get to know his family, and whenever you try to talk about it, he cuts the discussion immediately.

5. He only compliments your body.

This is another sign he is only after your body. A man who always compliments your body and never gets to compliment your look or any other thing about your body. Then he must be up to something.

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