Ladies, Checkout 4 Benefits Of Dating A Short Guy

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When it comes to relationship, height is a big concern for many women. Some women find short men less attractive, and this is because of the stereotype they have grown up believing.

Many women grow up believing that a male partner should be taller than female, which is why many women find short men less attractive, not because the man is not attractive, but because of the stereotype they believe in. If you have made up your mind of dating or marrying a taller man, below are few points to make you change your mind.

Below are 4 benefits of dating a short guy that no one ever told you.

1. Their commitment levels!

According to a study done by New York University, they made a discovery that says taller men get married earlier than the shorter ones. The interesting aspect of it is that shorter men have more long-lasting marriages and are less likely to get divorced.

2. He knows how to carry himself

There are some interesting personality trait in a man confident and happy to date a taller woman. There is a high probability that he is not insecure in the relationship. He knows how to carry himself well and does not see height as a parameter to judge someone. Furthermore, he might be quite open-minded

3. The matters of infidelity

Men who makes more faithful partners are shorter men. According to a survey done by Ashley Madison, taller men are twice more likely to cheat than shorter men.

4. No heels!

There is tendency that you put on those painful high heels whenever you have an outing with your tall lover. Dating a shorter guy means you don't need to put on heels. You can easily hang out with him wearing flat foot wears, and your toes would be forever thankful to you dating a shorter guy.

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