Martha Karua Makes It Clear On What She Will Do If Chosen In August

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Martha Karua has made it quite plain who will be put behind bars as soon as she is elected in the elections that will take place on August 9th. Karua is confident that the guilty will be brought to justice, even if it is a member of her own family (her brother, her son, or her daughter). Karua made it abundantly clear that she was not motivated by retribution or a personal vendetta against anyone; yet, those who were corrupt will almost certainly be sentenced to prison time.

Karua is adamant that those responsible for the corruption in the government will be locked up for the rest of their lives and forced to repent. Karua has made it clear that if she is elected, her top objective will be to combat corruption and bring it to its knees if she is successful in doing so.

Karua has made it clear that she would not come to the aid of anyone, which means that Raila Odinga's associates and other corrupt politicians may have difficulties in the future. Karua has the intention of seeing to it that the ruthless prosecution of corrupt officials that she anticipates would occur under Raila's administration actually takes place.

Let us see if Karua will be elected alongside Raila Odinga to tackle the issue of corruption on August 9th, and let us do so by observing the results of these elections. In the same way that Helicobacter pylori is immune to the drugs that are used to treat it, corruption is a vice that tenaciously fights back, making it difficult to eradicate.

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