15 Nurse Jokes That Will Make You Audibly Cackle

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1. When I have to leave my dog before heading into a 12 hour shift

2. When someone says there's no way you can hit that vein...and you hit that damn vein

3. When your patient demands privacy to poop but you don't quite trust em not to fall

4. Anytime someone gives you report and says, "they're an easy patient"

5. When they told you in report that your patient takes pills fine with water and you give them a pill with water and they start coughing.

6. What it feels like to be be floated to another unit

7. When the Patient asks to speak to the attending, but the attending repeats exactly what you just said.

8. When I'm looking around for a grown up nurse, but then I realize I am the grown up nurse there...

9. When you Re-Tie the gown fifty-two times but no matter what some part of your patient is hanging out

10. When you see day shift reaching for the light switch

11. How it feels when you work back to back 12 hour shifts "How did you sleep last night?"

12. When your patient complains it took you too long to refill their water, bring them a snack, or deliver the TV guide.

13. When the patient and their entire family Questions everything you say

14. That look you give when you know your patient is feeding you a bunch of lies

15. When you see a vein so big you don't even need a Tourniquet to start a line

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