"We will only be in OKA if Musalia Mudavadi is the flag bearer" Malala says

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The political arena in the country is slowly gaining momentum ahead of the 2022 general elections. Political leaders from all parts of the country are grouping in different factions as the campaign season fast approaches. One of the faction formed by five principles is One Kenya Alliance which is currently in the process of choosing a presidential flag bearer in the general elections.

The OKA alliance have convened for very many meetings and are yet to name their presidential candidate and pressure from their supporters have made them retreat to come up with a solution. The leader of Amani National Congress party of Kenya Musalia Mudavadi is being championed by his supporters to be the flag bearer.

Cleophas Malala who is currently the senator of Kakamega says that they will decamp OKA if Musalia is not named the flag bearer. He argues that time has come for the Luhya nation to lead this country after the 2022 general elections.

Here is the link:https://youtu.be/xlVnvb5Lo3M

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