Bad Braids Parent Should Never Get Some Done For Their Kids


Shantel is an ex Illuminati Girl, she got encounter with the Marine spirit at the age of 8 and saved by God at the age of 23.

Ex Illuminati Girl Shantel reveals some kinds of hair braids that are very popular in Ghana but not good the Children or any person who braid her hair like that.

Some of these braids comes with a lot of consequences for the person who will braid her hair like that.

This is the first braiding style she Revealed, and she said when a girl child or a woman's her is been braided like this, it brings sickness onto the person. Every month the victim will fall sick and whenever all the money on the victim's ward or parents are finished she would just be got well. So the purpose of this is to just get rid of the little money in the house.

This is also the second one she revealed, she said when your girl child is very intelligent and you braid her hair like this, she will become slow and lost all hair intelligence because in the spiritual realms this type of hair serves as snails.

This is another and dangerous braiding style of them all. She said with this one a because of the artificial hair that is been added to it, it makes the girl child connected to the Marine Spirit and if not taken care the child will be joining the Marine world she did some years back.

Si every woman or parent should make sure not to braid their children's hair like this and also should be prayerful.