Government Should Postpone Reopening Of Schools Until This Is Done


Schools closed for the second term for grade 1-3, class 5-7 and form 1-3. They are supposed to reopen next month on 10th for their third term which shall go upto end of July.

Grade 4 will remain home until August when they will be completing their third term. The ministry of education has insisted that the education calendar won't change. Magoha has already assured the parents that they should prepare to take back their children back to school early next month.

But with the high positivity rate of covid 19 in the country. It will be better if the goverment will consider postponing the reopening of schools.

From yesterday report on Covid19, the positivity rate was 12%. According to the World Health Organisation guidelines. Any country that wishes to reopen her economy should have recorded a positivity rate of less than 5% for the consecutive three weeks.

The goverment should wait until the positivity rate had slowed down. It should also provide guidelines on how the health of students will be protected incase there is outbreak in a given learning institution.