Yolo season 6 will drop soon and is going to be remarkable — Cyril


Yolo is a Ghanaian teenage TV series. The series is a sequel of the Ghanaian TV Series Things We Do for Love. It advises and directs the youth concerning the challenges they face in their adolescence.

Some of the characters include; Aaron Adatsi, Queenstar Anaafi, Chiiief, JB Peasah, Jackie Appiah, Adjetey Anang, Makafui Fella and Evelyn Galle-Ansah.

Aaron playing Cyril is the primary attraction of the series, and it seems like the entire show's story revolves around his character. He is tossed around too much that if you miss a full season and pick it up on the next one, you will be confused.

Being one of the pivotal characters in such a high-demand television series comes with great responsibility. Fortunately, Aaron creativity is impressive – his acting is out of this world. He brings out the story of a naïve boy that can hardly find his place in the complicated adolescent world amazingly well.

From Farm House Production, the Yolo TV Series has already released 5 Seasons with a lot of interesting and educative episodes since they started airing in 2016. They have thought a lot of lessons to the youth and are still creating new episodes every week to continue the story they are telling. In 2018, Africa Magicbought the rights to air the television series. They are currently two television channels that show the series; TV3 Ghana and Africa Magic.

They recently launched the Season 5 of the educational and entertaining television series a couple of weeks ago (18th June, 2019) introducing some new characters and roles.

Farmhouse Production has introduced some new interesting characters alongside the old one of which includes Kelvin Bruun as Mark Anthony, Ama Ampofo Ababio as Ariana, Akosua Asare Brewu as Tilly, and Joseph Delove August as Odenkyem. The script was written by Selassie Yao and directed by Ivan Quashigah as usual.

According to Cyril, the season 6 of YOLO will drop soon because, they’ve already started working on it. Cyril again promise all YOLO lovers that, the season 6 is going to be remarkable.

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