You are Not Eligible for Covid-19 Vaccination if You Belong to This Class

While speaking to Kenya's leading television network, NTV, yesternight, Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Susan Mochache brought to the public limelight details of those individuals that are not eligible to take a Covid-19 vaccination.

She stated, "Minors(those under the age of 18), pregnant women and people allergic to eggs and chicken are not eligible for Covid-19 vaccination."

Her remarks drew mixed reactions on social media with many wondering what to do given that they belonged to the above mentioned groups. Some inquired if in deed avoiding the consumption of eggs and chicken can cure Covid-19.

Kenya is set to receive the first batch of COVID-19 vaccine called Astrazeneca on Wednesday midnight. With the vaccination set to start on Thursday, some medics have articulated that they won't take the first shot of the vaccination due to safety issues.

Here were some of the citizens reactions to her remarks on Facebook:

Odhiambo Isabella wrote, "Allergic to eggs and chicken that means we already have cure for Corona, we should stop eating eggs and chicken..."

Mercie Cheruiyot asked, "Are you trying to tell us that the vaccine is made up of chicken and eggs?"

Wadaqa Minor stated, "We should all hate eggs and chicken...seems like Covid-19 is somehow choosy."