US Based Nigerian Nurse Shows Off Her Newly Acquired GLE 350 Mercedes Benz (PHOTOS)


Nigerians, I once said, have the potential to thrive in any country they find themselves in because of the type of life they once led in their own country. Many Nigerians have excelled tremendously in institutions abroad, as well as in the construction of homes and the acquisition of automobiles. Those who study a technical course in school, such as medicine, engineering, pharmacy, or nursing, and then have the opportunity to leave Nigeria, are among the most sought-after individuals.

According to a recent Instagram post by GossipMillNaija, a Nigerian Nurse based in the United States has purchased a brand new Mercedes Benz GLE 2021 model, which reportedly costs $79,000 and converts to around N40,000,000. Splendor Princess announced that her new baby has arrived and that she is the first person to drive the GLE 350 Mercedes Benz 2021 edition, which she wanted to add to her garage after previously purchasing an ML 350 Mercedes. The woman who upgraded to a more expensive vehicle said that she would use one for work and the other for fun.

See The Inside Of The GLE 350 Mercedes Benz 2021 Model

I am overjoyed when I see Nigerians succeeding in life outside of Nigeria, because it is never easy to leave your home country and move to a country where you know no one. Now you can see how lucrative the nursing profession is outside of Nigeria; many nurses in other countries are paid on a monthly basis, while nurses in Nigeria are lucky to get paid at all, let alone be checked for raises.

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