Govt Issues a Strong Warning To All Politicians Who are Recruiting youths to Cause Chaos

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Kenya is a democratic country where all citizens have rights of moving from one place to another .Furthermore, all politicians in the country have rights and freedom of visiting different parts of the country without being attacked by some criminals.

According to the source, as the General elections are approaching, all politicians in the country have been warned against recruiting young youths to cause chaos or disturb peace . Jimi Njoka who is also a county commissioner has revealed that those leaders who will found recruiting bodaboda riders to attack other politicians will be arrested immediately. Furthermore, he has added that all politicians should follow the law. I quote his statement from the source, " we shall arrest them regardless of their position and if it means going to individuals homestead, " Jimi revealed.This comes in after some cases of youths being used to attack some political rallies in the country have been witnessed.

Furthermore, the president Uhuru Kenyatta has earlier stated that all police officers should be ready to serve the country and arrest all law breakers including prominent politicians.

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