Tears And Sorrow After The Body Of Kenya Man Who Went Missing Some Few Weeks In US Found in A Ditch


Death can be caused by different types of diseases such as coronavirus, cancer and many others. Some cases of people missing have been reported in our country and other countries around the world. Many victims have been kidnapped and later rescued by police officers. Some are killed by kidnappers. These cases should be condemned and all suspects should be arrested. Furthermore, accidents have killed many people around the world. Some accidents are caused by careless drivers.

Accordingly from the source, the body of a Kenyan man who went missing some few weeks ago have been recovered. The body of Keagan Oyugi from Minnetrista city was found in a crushed car that was inside a ditch.

This happens after many people in US especially the Kenyans in diaspora have been searching for Oyugi.

Let us all pray for the family and friends during this difficult time.

May his soul rest in peace.

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