The greatest political betrayals of all time in Ghana.


The for sure there is a big difference between political loyalty and betrayal. Political betrayal is about the act of betraying someone, or the fact of being betrayed; which also means violation of a person or people's trust or confidence, of a moral standard.

In recently time, there has been increasing culture of criticizing and politicization of almost everything in the country. Any time the government, or government agencies announce a national program or exercise, some politicians stands against it, making the program look political, and creating an impression in their followers, as if the exercise is bad…and is of no importance to Ghanaians. 

These impressions cause some citizens not to participate in the program. The sad side of the story is these politicians; after discouraging their fan or followers; when the program kick-starts, they are the first to take part in the exercise.

During the 2020 new Voters registration exercise, ahead of the December 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections, some politicians kick against the registrations of new voters ID cards; alleging, that it is a plan of the ruling Government, to disenfranchise some Ghanaians, and to rig the 2020 elections, but the when registrations kick-starts, these same politicians are the first to take part in the exercise. This is a real political betrayal. 

Again when the issues of the corona virus vaccination hit the country, some politician kicked against it…and again alleging; that the vaccines are not safe, and so may not be healthy for the Ghanaian citizens. Not long; when the vaccine finally arrived the country, the politicians who stood against it became the first to get vaccinated; another political betrayer.

Looking at the ongoing National Population and Housing Census; the Ghana Statistical Service is the Legal Authority responsible for conducting the 2021 Population and Housing Census under Act 2019 (Act 1003). This Law empowers the Government Statistician to conduct statistical surveys and any census in Ghana, the process is not political as been circulated.

The 2021 Population and Housing Census Night were announced on Friday19th March, 2021 by the Vice President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Alhaji Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia. The exercise begins on June 27, 2021; but prior to its commencement; as usual, some politicians spoke against it; alleging that, the program is government’s plan to create some more constituencies, to help them win the next 2021 elections, but when all is set, and the counting exercise begins, the politician again where the first to get counted in live camera.

DO you think we are swimming in a country full of political betrayers? Are these politicians playing with our feelings; by telling us a policy is not good, yet will be the first to participate? I call this acts; the greatest political betrayers of all time in Ghana. What about you?

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