Reactions After Leaked Conversation Between Unfaithful Husband's Wife And Girlfriend Surfaced Online


Unfaithfulness is one of the main challenges being fought by many couples and those in relationship In the current society. It is the cause of many heartbreaks and divorce.

A leaked conversation between an unfaithful husband's wife and girlfriend was recently shared online leaving those who came across it in stitches.

Wife: Hello I got your number from my husband's phone it seems like you people are in love

Girlfriend: Yeah, What is it?

Wife: Eh eh don't get high yet I don't have any problem with that though I have a request to ask from you

Girlfriend: What request

Wife: You see actually I also have a man and I really want to meet him on weekend. So please can you try to convince my husband to leave home on weekend and spend it at your place

Below is the screenshot of the post shared on Facebook;

Below were some of the reactions from those who came across the post;

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