President Uhuru Kenyatta has Cautioned Kenyans on Supporting Ruto

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President Uhuru Kenyataa has now come clear in his political stand and says why he opts to support Raila Odinga.[Source: People Daily, 26th Jan 2022]

On a private speech, he unveils that he is not mad for parting ways with Dp William Ruto since he knows him well and what plans he has for kenyans. On the private meeting, he urges kenyans to re-think about who they are supporting as their next president.The president has promised that he would never allow power to be taken over by people who are angry for it and they have malicious intentions for the people. He also said that he would publicly prove to kenyans why Raila is fit to be the next president of Kenya comes august this year.

This message has brought alot of confusion as to why the president and his deputy are not in good terms. Leave your view of this in the comment section below.

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