Gone In 60 Seconds : Gang Of 15 Armed Men Blow Up An ATM In Soweto

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Meadowlands Soweto (M&M Service Station) in the early hours of this morning: Safe bombed, gang of 15 men.

This is clearly a tactic that is commonly used by the perpetrators of crime who are usually doing cash in transit heists around the country, and of course the ordinary members of the public are left wondering how come the security guards didn't stop the suspects from perpetrating the crime.

But it is clear that these suspects were a lot and had easily outnumbered the security guards by 5, so there is no way that these individuals could have been able to prevent the suspects from carrying out their robbery.

Once again the police have been left empty handed with their tails between their legs and unable to point in any direction towards where the suspects had headed to, and it is concerning once again to the original members of the public that once again the perpetrators of crime got away with a crime.

They get more confidence that they can be able to lives and this is at the expense of the ordinary members of the public who will always get the urge to resist the perpetrators of crimes’ advances, because no one likes getting their things taken from them.

So because of this we’re going to have casualties which is something that is unnecessary so the police have to do everything necessary in their power in order to bring down the suspect, so that they can stop his reign of terror on ordinary members of the public.

The suspects are surely going to strike once again once the money runs out and we have no clue if these are connected to any cash in transit heists that have been perpetrated around, but it alleged because of the sheer number of the suspects.

And the way that they are carrying out robberies, including blowing up the banks which is a prequisite for cash in transit heists.


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