ARG 1 Vs 1 PERU: Referee Penalty Decision That Needed A Review By The Video Assistant Referee

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One of the work of the Video Assistant Referee is to correct Referees mistakes or help the Referee to take some decisions in difficult areas. The Referee's decisions to award Peru a controversial penalty in the second half of the game should have been properly reviewed by the VAR.

Argentina continues to impress in the 2020 world cup qualifying match as they extended their unbeaten record to 26 in all competition. It was a brilliant performance from the South American Champions.

Inter Milan striker Lautrao Martinez continues his Impressive form after scoring the only goal of the match for Argentina. It was a brilliant goal from the talented forward who was outstanding from the beginning of the match to the end.

Peru's strong defensive performance prevented Lionel Messi from scoring the second goal for Argentina in the first half of the game. The Paris Saint Germain star was impressive from the first half of the match to the end with brilliant dribbling skills.

Martinez 24 minutes goal separated the two teams in the first half of the game. The second half started with higher intensity from the two teams and that caused Peru's penalty in the 68th minutes of the game.

The Referee wasted no time point to the penalty spot after Martinez and Peru's player collided. The VAR should have reviewed the Referee's penalty decision because from the replay, it looks like a simulation.

Martinez was clever enough to remove his hands from the players leg but the Referee's decision was still against Argentina.

The Video Assistant Referee have the right to review the Incident and probably cancel the penalty but the system allowed the Referee's decision to stand.

It was a poor penalty kick from Yoshimar Yotun who hit the ball on the post.

Argentina tried all they could to extend the lead in the second half of the game but a good defensive performance from Peru stopped all their goal threat.

It was a good result for Argentina who might qualify for the 2022 world cup if they win their next two games.

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