Celebrity Whose Death Could have Easily been Avoided

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The popular Pythagoras was chased by some men who were after his life. He was lucky enough to outran them and got away. However upon him reaching a fava bean field. It was part of his teachings that fava beans were unclean, so he refused to enter the field and was caught and murdered.

Bob Marley

The legendary Bob Marley got cancer in one of his toes. His doctors advised him to do away with the toe and cut it off. However, his religion being a Rastafarian forbids any parting of body or something like that.and because of this he refused to yield to his doctors advice and this got his cancer spread out and he died from it.

Bruce Lee’s son… Brandon Lee.

This guy always have this premonition he will die Young and so it happened in the year 1993, whilst filming The Crow, he was shot dead by a live ammunition that was sneak in to set and was pronounced dead after six hours surgery at the age of twentyeight.

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