RIP, Some Of The Few R&B Celebrities Who Died But Their Music Still Lives To Date.


They say that music is the medicine to our soul, but in my humble opinion R&B music is just one of a kind.

Sadly, most of the mothers and fathers of this great genre are late.

Today I just want us to take our time and remember the fallen R&B heroes who's music lives till date.

1.Luther Vandross

This is one of the best male vocal artist, the world has ever known.

With his sweet melodious voice, and the harmony in his songs, makes him just the best there can ever be.

Sadly on July 1st 2005, Luther left us and left an irreplaceable mark in our lives.

May His soul Rest In eternal glory.

2.Whitney Houston

When it comes to love songs, then I'd give this powerful lady 100%, this is because this lady just knew how to evoke emotions whenever she got a hold of her microphone to sing.

But on February 11th 2012, Whitney breathed her last, and till that day people still mourn this amazing soul.

May her good soul Rest In Peace.

  1. Michael Jackson

Most people would call him the king of pope. Michael was just one of his own kind, as he was super talented in quite a number of things.

Michael was one of the most influential musicians of his own time, as he gathered thousands whenever he wanted to do a show.

If you haven't heard of him, then you are not in this world because his songs are played everywhere.

May his soul Rest in peace.

4.Gregory Hines

Not only was Gregory a great musician and dancer, but he was also an actor who won so many awards during his time.

Gregory was one charming guy with a voice that moved millions of his fans.

Gregory fought with liver cancer, which finally killed him on August 9th 2003.

May his good soul rest in perfect peace.

These are just but some of the few celebrities, who actually left us some time back.

May their souls continue resting in peace.


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