Daisy: Military Being Custodian Of The Constitution, Judges To Observe Interdependence By All Means


Yesterday on KTN NEWS, a member of "Linda Katiba" group Daisy Amdany talked on various matters arising concerning the recent High Court ruling last week on BBI bill.

For instance, on 16 May, 2021, a political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi was on K24 TV show and he raised a grave matter that may actually put court judges in difficult positions when ruling on different issues.

Ngunyi said, that as much as the courts give judgements on different cases, the basic role to them is to interpret constitution but the military headed by their commander are the real custodians of the constitution.

Another grave matter was raised by Jubilee Secretary Raphael Tuju, where he said that Judges should practice interdependence across all arms of government since at the end of the day, they are the police who shall escort them to their houses.

The above two issues according to Daisy Amdany are serious threats towards Judges and for that matter independence of Judiciary shall be at stake knowing for a fact that you have to rule according to certain peoples' interests and wishes.

Threats always have the possibility of limiting someone from performing duties accordingly.

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