Video: Reactions As An Okada Man Knocks A Man Down Whiles Watching A Lady's Backside


Have you ever come across the video in which an okada man knocked a man down whiles watching a heavy backside of a lady? People have reacted to that and I'm here to share with you, the reactions and the incident's video.

Lets cast our minds back a bit to look at how it happened. A young lady was passing by in the street. A man standing by the roads side couldn't take him eyes off her due to her heavy backside. He kept a keen eye on it.

At the same time, an okada man was also passing by. He was in the same situation as the man standing by the roadside. As a result of lack of concentration, he knocked the man down. After this incident, there have been a lot of reactions it. Some people are saying it is normal in every man's life.

Others also reacted by saying, "something must kill a man". It has also served as a source of fun to some people as they enjoy watching the video.

For a clearer understanding and how people reacted to the incident, below is the video and that shows how it happened and the reactions that followed.

Always concentrate when riding or driving.

Have a nice day.