Cute Photos Of Citizen Tv Ten Over Ten Show Host Willis Raburu's Kid Turning One-Year-Old

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Willis Raburu also known as Big Man Bazu's son Mali was turning a year old today.Raburu's wife Ivy Nyamu has celebrated her son by writing a lovely post about the cute infant on her instagram.

Miss Raburu has expressed her pride about her son wishing her a happy sweet birthday and saying that she loves Mali beyond words.

She also spoke of the way giving birth to him changed her life to the best of ways and how she was eternally grateful to have Mali as her son.Ivy Nyamu could not hide her joy for the of her sons cute smiles and gigglest that melt her heart and how she never gets tired of watching and looking into her sons beautiful eyes.Nyamu promised to her son that she would whatever it takes to make sure she gives her son the best life can offer.

"You changed my life in the best of ways and I’m eternally grateful to have you as my son. Your cute smiles and giggles melt my heart and I’ll never quite get used to looking into your beautiful eyes; you have my heart little one.You came to make our lives beautiful and I promise to do whatever it takes to give you the best of what this life has to offer," the ever beatiful Nyamu posted.

Sugar Venom as Ivy Nyamu fondly refers to herself also wished Mali God's graces to kep him happy and healthy.She wished him God's abundance,favour and long life thriving toards her purpose.She displayed her affection further telling the little one that both her and Willis loved him deeply always and forever.

"May God continue to keep you happy and healthy, may He bless you abundantly my cutie pie and always show you favor and guide your path, may He give us long life to watch you thrive and grow towards your purpose. Mum and dad love you deeply baby, always and forever; happy happy birthday baby Mali," she happily affirmed.

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