Lilian Muli Pours Out Her Heart During Her First Born Son’s Graduation

Citizen TV’s Lillian Muli is described as beautiful but unlucky when it comes to love. Back when she was in her early 20’s, the lady let a millionaire who she fell in love with; and as the story goes – the girl fell in love, marriage, baby, and divorce

Lilian Muli did not walk out of this marriage empty-handed but with a precious baby boy called, Munene. A big blessing she continues to remain grateful for and as time goes by – so does he grow in body and mind.

Well, at 11 years Joshua Munene is making his mama proud; and Lilian Muli cannot hide how proud she is when it comes to her firstborn.

Although Lilian Muli and her two baby daddies are raising the boys separately; the news anchor once said it’s better to live alone with her kids other than torment herself by staying in a loveless/hurting relationship.