2020/2021 Online SRC Elections Notice

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The 2020/2021 SRC Elections will be held on 12 July 2021 using the online voting system. These are postponed elections which could not be held during 2020 academic year due to COVID-19 pandemic. Students are encouraged to frequently check the University website for updates regarding the elections and are further encouraged to fully participate in the next coming elections. Please refer to the election timetable below for detailed information:

2021 SRC Elections Timetable

 01/07/2021 • Nomination process opens.• All nomination forms are uploaded onto the university website.

• Receipt and publication of provisional voter’s roll.

• Objections and corrections of the voter’s roll by all students and parties continues until the 6th day of July 2021.

02/07/2021 • Nomination of Candidates Closes at 18h00.• All nomination forms are to be submitted electronically on


05/07/2021 Screening of provisional list of candidates. 07/07/2021 • Publication of Provisional List of Candidates.• Close of objections and corrections of the voter’s roll.

• Publication of final voter’s roll.

08/07/2021 Objections to list of candidates. 09/07/2021 • Publication of final list of candidates.• Campaigning continues.

12/07/2021 Elections day – Voting opens at 09h00 and closes at 16h00. 13/07/2021 • Objections and appeals on the outcomes.• Declaration of election results.

15/07/2021 Constitute the SRC. 21/07/2021 Submission of final report to Student Affairs Directorate. 

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