"Treat Her As Armed And Dangerous" Police Warn The Public As Suspect In Police Murder Still At Large


Police in Nakuru are currently on a manhunt for a woman who is believed to be a person of interest murder of a police officer in Kasarani police lines, Nakuru county.

The lady who goes by the name Caroline Kangogo is believed to know what happened to the 28 year old police officer by the name John Ogweno attached to the crime office in Nakuru Central.

John was found dead inside his car on the morning of 5th July 2021 and his firearm was also missing. He was discovered by his colleague who reported the matter. What attracted the colleague's attention was the fact that the car window was broken and engine was still on despite the vehicle not moving for some time.

The police have asked the members of public to treat Caroline as armed and dangerous incase they come across her.

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