Ghanaians React Massively After Captain Smart Revealed This ‘Hot’ Secret About Media Houses In Ghana


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The outspoken Ghanaian broadcast journalist who was recently suspended by Angel Fm for unexpectedly attacking the incumbent government has sparked massive stir, debates and arguments across all social media platforms after boldly revealing an unexpected hot secret about the media houses in Ghana.

Captain Smart who happens to have set up his own podcast after his unexpected suspension from Angel Fm has received lots of attention and views due to how intriguing his daily contents are as most people couldn’t afford to miss any episode of the most anticipated show on Smart TV.

In a recent podcast, Captain Smart took the privilege to reveal unexpected secrets about the various media houses in Ghana whilst highlighting how most of these popular media houses didn’t pay tax.

According to Captain Smart, all the SSNIT deducted from the salaries of employees at the popular media houses like Multimedia, Despite media, ABN and just to mention but a few are not directly paid as taxes by certain managers but rather spent by these CEOs.

“98% of the media houses in Ghana don’t pay tax. All the SSNIT deducted from their employees at the various media houses goes into the pockets of the CEOs meanwhile, most broadcast journalists don’t even earn close to Ghs 1000”, Captain Smart emphatically stated.

Surprisingly, Captain Smart made it clear whilst emphatically stating that, no Ghanaian could question his wealth and source of income because he doesn’t work for any government as he highlighted that, He gained his wealth through hard work.

“Nobody can question how I earn my money, houses and cars because I don’t work for the government neither am I a government contractor. Have you ever heard that my name had been mentioned at the Finance Ministry or Auditor General’s office over any payment?” Captain Smart boldly stated.

Upon Captain Smart’s claims over how most of the media houses don’t pay taxes, lots of Ghanaians took the privilege to express immense concerns whilst massively reacting to Captain Smart’s claim of not benefiting from any government incentive.

Below is a look at some of the comments that can’t through as individuals shared their respective concerns on the alarming issue.

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