Someone Like Me In My 80s, I Get Sad About The Ghana That I Will Leave behind - Gen. Nunoo Mensah


A former Chief of Defence Staff, Gen. Joseph Nunoo Mensah, has lamented that Ghana as s nation is in big trouble and needs fixing. According to him, someone like him in his 80s gets sad about the Ghana that he will leave behind.

Gen. Nunoo Mensah made this statement as a panelist via zoom on 'THE BIG ISSUE' on CITI television yesterday, 22nd May 2021, when he gave his opinion on reforming Ghana's security outfits.

According to him, the two main Political Parties in Ghana (NPP/NDC) don't have the national interest at heart. They always look at their personal and party interest first but do not think about Ghana as a nation.

"Ghana as a nation to someone like me in my 80s is in big trouble. When I think about the Ghana that I will leave behind sooner or later, I get sad about it.

It's not like we don't know what is wrong with us, we know, but we don't dare to sit up and say let's fix it." - he lamented.

He added that Ghana is in deep trouble and unless we can open our eyes and open our hearts and look at the problems we face and fix them. Otherwise, we will be in big trouble.