Remember The Beautiful 17-year-old Girl Who Was Adopted by Popular Actress? See Her Recent Pictures

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Popular Nollywood actress Destiny Etiko is one of the most-watched actresses in Africa, she always features in top quality movies, she has a lot of fans who are always eager to watch new movies from her whenever they are being released. The beautiful actress is an orphan which has given her extra motivation to assist others who are in need.

The actress is still very much single, and there is no public information about her to suggest that she has someone she is currently dating as she has put all her focus on her acting career and has never let the talk of a relationship disturb her career.

When she met Destiny Etiko at the movie location:

While Destiny Etiko was going about her usual activities in a movie location, a young female fan approached her and started crying seriously. The actress was shocked to see that a fan could actually be crying because of the love she has for her. The actress asked the beautiful 17-year-old girl to wait till she finished her role in the movie so that she could talk to her and get to know her.

Picture of the girl with her biological mother:

After the actress was done at the location, they both had a conversation, and she decided to adopt the young girl as her own child. The young girl whose name is known as Chineye Eucharia Anibueze told her mother about it, and she accepted the offer. The actress started posting pictures and videos of the girl on Instagram to show the world who the girl was.

Her recent pictures:

Since the actress announced her as her adopted daughter, many celebrity colleagues of Destiny Etiko have sent her cash gifts to show how much they appreciate what the actress has done. The young girl is now more mature, and she is getting more beautiful as she grows. The actress takes her to movie locations and refers to her as her child. The mother of the young girl has become very happy after seeing her daughter living a fulfilled life with her new mother.

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