Good News in Fight Against HIV As New HIV Vaccine Elicits 97% Efficiency In Protecting Humans


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The search for the HIV vaccine has been going on for a while now with companies working day and night to try and find a lasting solution to the HIV menace. 

After years of trying and failing a company by the name IAVI and Scripps Research has today announced good news on the HIV Vaccine front following phase 1 clinical trial testing a novel vaccine. 

According to initial reports, The vaccine showed great success in stimulating the production of very rare immune cells which are important to start the process of generating antibodies against the fast-mutating HIV. 97% of the participants who received the vaccine were able to elicit the targeted response. 

“This study demonstrates proof of principle for a new vaccine concept for HIV, a concept that could be applied to other pathogens, as well,” says William Schief, PhD, a professor and immunologist at Scripps Research. 

The vaccine is set for more clinical trials before it can be released for global use. Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly.