Psychology Lessons You're Not Taught In School.

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1. Nocebo effect

- If you truly believe you are going to experience something, our minds and bodies will follow so.

- If doctor tells you might have the side effects of a pill like nausea and drowsiness, you start to feel them immediately.

2. Baader - meinhof phenomenon

- Your brains are biased towards the things you learnt something recently,

- As the new information received priority over information learnt over the time.

- If you learn a new word or some news on television, you see or hear that every where around you.

- Usually your mind does not recognise it much, but after you learn that word, you brain tell you each time you see it.

3. Law of attraction

- When you focus on something enough, you start attracting your life.

- It makes easier to land in your dream job by focusing more on it.

- It lets you keep your eyes open for multiple opportunities and gives ability to move beyond your failures.

4. Spontaneous trait transference

- You associate people with the adjectives they use.

- If person X bad mouths their colleagues, your brain associates the same traits with X, when you think of him.

- Same applies with positive adjectives they use.

5. Personal stories are more persuasive than research

- It makes people relate more when you tell your personal stories rather than dumping the facts.

- It is effective to tell the facts after the personal stories.

6. Handwritten letters reflect honesty

- Handwritten letters always tend to be more honest, rather than texts or emails.

- As you write down a letter, you pour your heart out in each and every word you write.

7. Illusory correlation.

- We always think we are more important than we actually are.

- This comes from the fact of linking two different things that are irrelevant.

- Right from thinking that the queue other than the one you are standing always move faster.

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